I hold a PhD in cognitive neuroscience, and have been authorised as clinical psychologist (cand. psychol) in Norway since 2012. 

My PhD focused on how mental training affects brain structure and cognitive performance, and how factors such as physical exercise, nutrition, sleep quality, mental health, and genetics influence learning potential. 

As a postdoctoral scientist, I work with research on women's brain health, and how factors such as hormone exposure, pregnancy, and menopause influence brain structure and function. I also work with maternal mental health and postpartum depression.

I am currently based at the University of Oxford, UK, and I collaborate closely with NORMENT: Norwegian Centre for Mental Disorders Research at the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital.


Do not hesitate to get in touch!

Ann-Marie de Lange

Photo by Dennis West

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Forskningsmagasinet Apollon november 2019: Gravide hjerner


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