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boost your performance, nourish your health

Do you want to reach your work potential, but also worry about your health? 

High work responsibility often comes with setbacks, competition, time pressure, and relentless multitasking. Consequently, many women struggle to balance work development with self care, and many deal with stress-related health concerns. 

The key to balancing work performance and health lies in the mindset that we adopt, and understanding how our everyday choices affect both our health and how well we perform. By applying neuroscience and psychology, we help women to fulfil their potential while taking care of their health and wellbeing.

Dr. Ann-Marie de Lange

Founder & Managing Director

Located in Oxford, UK, we also provide our services in Greater London, in Oslo, Norway, and ONLINE.

Find you,
find peace

In order to optimise your lifestyle, you need to identify your values, priorities, and limits. You also need to understand what drives you, what challenges you, and what you fear. This might sound trivial, but for many it turns out to be surprisingly challenging. 

BrainChord consultin

How can we help?

By applying knowledge from neuroscience and psychology, we help you to pursue your ambitions while also taking care of your health. Through counselling and workshops, we address aspects such as self-efficacy, communication skills, mental and physical health, relationships, stress, and work-life balance.

Laptop & Coffee


Ideal for a hectic lifestyle, video and text counselling is easy to combine with travelling or working from home.  ​


In office

Book counselling sessions in your own office between meetings or before you head home in the evening. 

Park Trees

Walk & Talk

Combine your counselling with coffee and fresh air. ​Moving gets the ideas flowing and helps overcome stagnation!

workshops and lectures

Do you want to learn more about brain plasticity, cognitive training, and women's brain health? Get in touch to book a lecture.


Our workshops offer a chance for women to exchange knowledge and experiences, and cover a range of topics including cognitive mindsets and strategies, stress, physical and mental health, relational skills, presentation skills, work-family balance, and workplace culture. ​ 

“This woman is the perfect combination of clever and empathetic. I have learned so much from working with her, to name a few: learned about my self, about psychology, and especially about how to interact with the world and how to keep a healthy and productive life-work balance. And how to stress down and still get things done.” 

—  Siri Fors Haugen, Group therapist and clinical psychologist